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Grilled Scallop Tacos with Charred Corn Salsa

  • 1 lb sea scallops
  • 2 ears of corn, husked
  • 1/4 red onion, diced
  • 2 tomatoes, diced
  • 1 jalapeño, seeded and minced
  • 1 clove of garlic, minced
  • sea salt, to taste
  • ground black pepper, to taste
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1/3 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1/3 cup red or green cabbage, chopped
  • 3 tbs olive oil, divided
  • 8 corn or flour tortillas
    Charred Corn Salsa
  1. Load the Q450's hopper with maple pellets
  2. Set up the Q450 Sear Station for open-flame grilling (if you don't have a Sear Station, set the temperature to 500F)
  3. Brush the corn with olive oil then put on the sear station, turning every 2-3 minutes until the kernels char and the corn is evenly cooked on all sides.
  4. Remove the corn from the grill then slice kernels off of the cob and put into a medium sized bowl.
  5. Add the red onion, tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic, lime juice, cilantro, salt, pepper, and 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the bowl and stir.
  6. Set aside the salsa.
    Grilled Scallops
  1. Brush the scallops with olive oil then season with salt and pepper.
  2. Place the scallops on the Sear Station and grill 1½ to 2 minutes on each side until they're opaque (note: if using smaller scallops that could fall into the grates, you can flip the Sear Station to create a flat top).
  3. Remove scallops from the grill and slice in half.
  4. Place the scallops in the tortillas with cabbage and charred corn salsa.
  5. Serve and enjoy!