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Fast Eddy's™ PG500 Pellet Grill by Cookshack

Part No. 56805.6002 | Fast Eddy's™ Part No. PG500
This product is no longer available for sale.
The Fast Eddy's PG500 is a competition-grade cooker built with the backyard cook in mind. Capable of reaching 600°F, it’s one of the hottest pellet grills around. The PG500 is also one of the most versatile, featuring two cooking areas, one for indirect cooking and another for direct open-flame cooking. Plus, the warming drawer doubles as a cold smoker. Yet for all its capabilities, cooking on the Fast Eddy’s PG500 is unbelievably easy. Made in USA.
  • Precisely control and monitor temperatures from 180°F - 600°F with the advanced digital temperature controller.
  • Made of beautiful stainless steel, the PG500 boasts impressive craftsmanship and construction.
  • Enjoy hours of uninterrupted cooking with the oversized 22lb hopper.
  • Cook for the whole crew on a whopping 784 square inches of total cooking space.
  • 2 casters make the PG500 easy to move around the patio.
  • Includes 40lbs of Hickory Pellets.

Don’t forget to purchase a cover to keep your Fast Eddy’s PG500 looking new! Other available accessories include a Rib Rack and Front Shelf.

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Fast Eddy's PG500 Expert Review

Because many pellet grills look the same and have similar features, I’m often asked how one differs from another. Honestly, there are so many lookalikes it can be hard to tell. However, with its beefy build, commercial-grade stainless steel construction, and separate direct and indirect cooking zones, the Fast Eddy’s PG500 is truly unique.

Reasons to Buy

When I look at a Fast Eddy’s PG500, I see a heavy-duty cooker that’s reminiscent of commercial-grade restaurant equipment. Made in America by Cookshack, the Fast Eddy’s PG500 is considerably beefier than the typical pellet grill and is one of the few stainless steel pellet grills on the market. Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, the PG500 is incredibly durable and seals in heat for more efficient cooking—better heat retention allows it to burn fewer pellets to maintain its heat, even in cold weather. This is truly a year-round cooker that’s built to last a lifetime.

If the PG500 is built like a tank, it performs like a guided missile. In my opinion, automation and ease-of-use are what make pellet grills special, but that doesn’t mean all pellet grills are created equal. While some can remain close to a desired temperature, others can precisely maintain it for hours. The PG500’s Digital Controller can hit a desired temperature and maintain it within a few degrees from start to finish. That kind of accuracy means I can spend less time worrying about the cooker and what it’s doing. It also almost assures I’ll get perfectly cooked food.

What I love most about pellet grills is their versatility, and the PG500 is no exception. Not only is it an indirect cooker that can smoke, bake, grill and roast, but it can also handle direct open-flame cooking. While that’s not entirely unique for a premium pellet grill, the PG500 is different in that it has two separate cooking areas, one dedicated to direct cooking and the other to indirect cooking. There’s no need to take apart and reassemble the grill grates and diffuser plate to switch from indirect to direct cooking while doing a reverse seared steak; I just move the meat from one side of the PG500 to the other.

Reasons to Keep Shopping

The Fast Eddy’s PG500 is a premium pellet grill, but it comes at a premium price. Yet, shockingly, for all of its impressive features, the control board can’t be used with a meat probe. If you want a stainless steel pellet that comes in under $1,000 and includes a programmable meat probe, I suggest checking out the FireCraft Pellet-Q450. Also, while the PG500 is a large grill when you combine the direct and indirect cooking areas, neither is particularly big on its own. In fact, the primary cooking grid for the indirect zone is only 324 square inches, while the direct side is 180 square inches. If you want a larger stainless steel pellet grill, look at the Memphis Elite, which offers more cooking space and more high-end features.

  • Cooking Area:
  • Ease of Use:
  • Warranty:
  • Included Accessories:
  • Grilling:
  • Smoking:
  • Hopper Capacity:
  • Durability:
  • Mobility:
  • Fuel Type: Pellets
  • Configuration: Freestanding
  • Primary Cooking Grid Width: 28 in.
  • Primary Cooking Grid Depth: 18 in.
  • Primary Cooking Grid Size: 504Sq. Inches
  • Overall Cooking Grid Size: 784 Sq. Inches
  • Number of Cooking Levels: 2
  • Cooking Grid Material: Plated Steel
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Exterior Material: Stainless Steel
  • Features: Cart/Stand, Digital Control Board, Easy Pellet Change, Grill & Smoke, Secondary Cooking Grid, Side Shelf, Warming Chamber
  • Overall Height: 54 in.
  • Overall Width: 56 in.
  • Overall Depth: 25 in.
  • Ease of Use: 5
1 Pellet Grill with Cart, pellet hopper, and digital temperature control
1 18in W x 18in D Indirect cooking grate
1 10in W x 18in D Direct cooking grate
1 28in W x 10in D Upper rack
1 Side shelf
1 Smoke stack
1 Warming drawer
1 Pellet ash tray
1 Drip bucket
2 Back casters
2 20lb Bags of Cookshack Hickory Pellets
1 Operator's Manual

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