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Girls Can Grill Pellet-Q450 Review

Braised Osso Buco, Grilled Ciopino, Smoked Pumpkin Cheesecake—Girls Can Grill’s recipes are creative, skillful, and downright delicious. Based on her body of work, you get the impression that GCG’s Christie Vanover is a grilling gourmet, crafting meals most people wouldn’t dare undertake. Yet make no mistake about it, Girls Can Grill is committed to showing the average person, and women in particular, how easy it is to cook restaurant-quality food in the backyard.

Girls Can Grill’s mission is one of inclusion, encouraging everyone to tap into their inner pitmaster and embrace the glory of grilling. In that sense, the FireCraft Pellet-Q450 is the perfect partner. Easy-to-use and incredibly accurate, it democratizes BBQ, making it possible for anyone to cook the perfect wood-smoked meal, no matter their level of expertise. It only made sense, then, to pair up GCG with a Pellet-Q450.

Over the course of several days, Girls Can Grill put the Pellet-Q450 through the paces, testing its ability to smoke, grill, bake, and braise. How? In the tastiest way possible—by preparing a series of inspiring dishes that ranged from traditional BBQ (pulled pork) to an unconventional grilled treat (bacon banana bread).

Of the Pellet-Q450, Girls Can Grill said,

“If you have limited backyard space, and you love cooking outside, this is the one grill that will do it all—and do it all well.”

And if the proof is truly in the pudding—or the pulled pork, in this case—then look no further than the collection of impressive recipes GCG produced on the Q450. Or maybe just go ahead and try making them yourself.

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