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Pelletheads Pellet-Q450 Review

There are few pellet grill resources more informative, useful, and thorough than For many, the site is both the starting point and a frequent touchstone on their pellet grill journey; the place where they go to research grills then return daily to share tips, swap recipes, and discuss all things pellet grills with other owners.

Run by two self-avowed—you guessed it—pelletheads, is an online forum geared toward pellet grill enthusiasts, an open space where members can share their experiences, ask questions, and offer advice. The community itself is composed of a cross-section of users with varying degrees of experience and expertise—from long-time pellet grill owners who’ve bought multiple units and cooked on every imaginable brand, to newbies who just purchased their first pit or are doing research in preparation for that purchase.

For anyone researching pellet grills,’s single greatest asset is the Performance Testing and Reviews Section. Over the years, Pelletheads has field tested and reviewed just about every pellet grill to hit the market, making it an essential resource for anyone seeking unbiased third-party reviews for a side-by-side comparison. In February, the FireCraft Pellet-Q450 took its turn being poke, prodded, tested and vetted by pelletheads.

Like every pellet grill reviewed by Pelletheads, the Q450 was put through a battery of tests—from unboxing and assembly to graphing temperature fluctuations in the grill and undergoing multiple cook tests, including smoking, grilling, roasting, and baking. They also created a separate comment thread where users can ask questions and discuss the tests as they're being performed.

Since completion of the testing, FireCraft has received its own dedicated section on, where Pellet-Q owners can connect with one another and pellethead users can stay up to date on future releases, as well as any news and updates.

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