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Saffire Grills

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Saffire Ceramic Grills & Smokers Offer Unique Features

With included stainless steel hardware and unique features, Saffire Ceramic Grills and Smokers makes some of the most innovative egg grills on the market. High-quality kamado grills, Saffire Ceramic Grills feature incredible insulation, allowing them to get hotter than the typical charcoal grill and hold their heat for hours. Incredible heat retention and air circulation provide consistent cooking temperatures, making it possible for to sear a steak and fire-bake a pizza at 700°F in minutes or smoke low-and-slow brisket at 250°F for 12 hours. With numerous Saffire accessories available, you can easily expand your cooking capabilities—add a deflector plate to turn your ceramic cooker into a BBQ smoker or a secondary rack for extra cooking space.

Saffire Grills come standard with durable stainless steel hardware, including the grill grate and bottom damper. Other notable features include a Smokin' Chip access port (optional Smokin' Chip feeder sold separately), stainless steel efficiency plate, and a hinged access door in the grate for adding charcoal mid-cook. Finished in Jasper Red or Onyx Black, Saffire Ceramic Grills are available in many stand-alone, in-table, and cart configurations. For those who want to drop their Saffire Ceramic Grill into an attractive table, Saffire offers high-quality Teak and Asian Mahogany hardwood carts, as well as granite-top carts.