The Traeger® Renegade Elite is Good...

By Bob McCarthy popular

…But There are Other Traeger Grills You Should Also Consider

Traeger is one of the hottest brands on the planet thanks to an impressive and innovative product line. The Renegade is one of many Traeger models, so how do you know which Traeger is the right one for you?

Depending on your budget and grilling needs, there are a variety of Traeger options ,including the Renegade. With the Traeger Pro Series 22 you get a bigger Traeger with more advanced features at about the same price, while the Junior Elite, Tailgater, and Bronson also offer an incredible value. Or, if you prefer a pre-set package deal, the Outlaw Package comes with upgraded accessories and and costs less than the Renegade.

Why Pellet Grills?

It grills, smokes, bakes, and roasts. It can cook authentic down-home BBQ, perfect roast beef, or bourbon apple bread the touch of a button. That’s right, it’s automatic. And everything, no matter what you cook, comes off the grill with a hint of delicious wood smoke flavor. (Read our Pellet Grill FAQ)

The original Traeger Grill was invented 30 years ago and was every bit as impressive then as it is now. Although it developed a cult following, the early Traeger never grew beyond a niche product. In the past two years, however, Traeger has stepped up its game, redesigning and upgrading its grills while doing everything it can to build a buzz around its amazing do-everything cookers.

The Pro Series 22: A More Advanced Traeger

The Renegade is a good grill. It does everything it claims to do and even a little more. However, for $50 more, you can have a more advanced Traeger with upgraded features that will expand your cooking abilities and add to your Traeger experience. (Read 7 Tips for Buying a Pellet Grill)

The Pro Series 22 is Traeger's most advanced model, offering better temperature control, sturdier construction, and upgraded features (it also comes as the larger Pro Series 34). For a clearer understanding of what each has to offer, take a look at the following comparison.

Traeger Renegade Elite

First, consider what you get with the Traeger Renegade Elite Grill, which retails for $749:

  • 20” x 19” grilling area
  • 380 square inches of total cooking space
  • Digital Elite Controller that can maintain +/- 20°F
  • Wire front prep rack
  • Hopper Clean-Out Door
  • Tool caddy rack
  • EZ-Drain Grease System
  • Two 20 lb bags of pellets
  • Traeger Everyday Cookbook
  • One 13 oz chicken rub
  • All-weather grill cover
  • Free Shipping in Continental U.S.

Traeger Pro Series 22

Now consider the Traeger Pro Series 22, which was released in 2016 with a new beefier design, upgraded features, and retails for $799:

  • 22" x 19" primary grilling area
  • 22” x 17” secondary cooking rack
  • 572 square inches of total cooking space
  • Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic that maintains +/- 15°F, Traeger’s best temperature control to date
  • Choice of Bronze or Blue
  • 2 Meat Probes that allow you to monitor food temperatures on the LCD display
  • A rugged Sawhorse chassis that provides added stability
  • EZ-Drain Grease System
  • Hopper Clean-Out Door
  • Free Shipping in Continental U.S. (when purchased at FireCraft)

Go With the Traeger Pro

The FireCraft Traeger Outlaw Package

If affordability is your primary concern, there are other Traeger models that offer substantial savings. The Traeger Junior Elite ($429), Tailgater ($449), and Bronson ($499) are slightly smaller than the Renegade, but feature the same Digital Elite control board and cost less.

If you like the idea of a pre-fixed all-included package, there are other options for that as well. The FireCraft Traeger Outlaw Package includes premium extras that will add to your Traeger experience for years to come. And it costs $50 less!