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Broil King® Guide

Broil King Grills®
A Better Grilling Experience

The fresh air, the casual atmosphere—there’s nothing quite like entertaining outdoors. That’s why Broil King grills are designed to bring kitchen-quality food to the backyard. Whether you want to sear steaks, grill seafood, or slow cook a roast, the versatile Broil King cooking system allows your grill to cook like an oven. With a family of grills that has something for everyone, anyone can cook, dine, and entertain outside in the open air.

Family-Owned, North American Made Grills

With over thirty years of experience building high-quality grills, Broil King can be trusted with your outdoor cooking experience. A family-owned company since 1906, Broil King proudly designs, engineers, and builds its gas grills in North America. Every grill is manufactured in Huntington, Indiana; Dickson, Tennessee; or Waterloo, Ontario for quality and reliability you can count on. The cookboxes, steel carts, and shelves are fabricated using quality North American sourced steel. With an outstanding warranty and responsive North American based customer support professionals, Broil King offers more than great grills, providing security, service, and peace of mind.

Putting money where it matters: the Broil King Cooking System

The Broil King Cooking System

1 Cook boxes made from die-cast aluminum, porcelain enameled steel, or high-grade stainless steel offer incredible heat retention and durability. Sealed bottoms allow your Broil King to maintain even temperatures and promote ideal airflow for convection cooking.

2 The cooking grids offer excellent heat retention and searing power, and are cast stainless steel rods or reversible cast iron or stainless steel—one side is peaked for perfect searing, the other is grooved for continuous basting.

3 With 86% grill coverage, the stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ system distributes heat evenly across the entire grill and vaporizes drippings on contact, putting flavor back into food.

4 Stainless steel tube-in-tube burners are side-ported, providing two rows of flames for even heat distribution.

5 180° Sensi Touch™ knobs and Linear-Flow™ valves offer infinite heat control, so you can set the perfect temperature to grill, sear, or roast.

Because it’s the meal that counts, Broil King invests heavily in its cooking system. Each part is designed for a specific purpose and to work in conjunction with the other parts to provide incredible cooking versatility. No matter which Broil King you purchase—from a basic Monarch to an upscale Imperial—the Broil King cooking system is the same:

An Outdoor Grill that Cooks Like a Whole Kitchen

The fading sun, fireflies floating on a soft summer breeze, and a luscious cut of beef with a glass of Burgundy. Broil King brings indoor cooking outside. Designed with the versatility of a whole kitchen, a Broil King grill allows you to roast a chicken or slow cook tenderloin as well as you can grill a burger or sear a steak. Offering limitless capabilities and endless possibilities, with a Broil King grill you can enjoy delicious gourmet food in the fresh open air of your backyard. Want to entertain? Broil King’s extensive line of accessories not only allow you to do more with your grill, but are elegantly designed to go from grill to table for alfresco dining.

Broil King Makes a Gas Grill for Everyone

Imperial™ Series

Performace Meet Luxury You can count on every model to deliver superior performance, attention to detail and advanced functionality.
Starting at $1,599.95

Regal™ Series

Confidence Built Into Every Grill Perfect for the outdoor chef who wants both style and function, look no further than the Regal series.
Starting at $699.95

Baron™ Series

Power Comes In All Sizes Urban styling and a performance that rivals any other grill, the Baron series is in a class by itself.
Starting at $419.95

Sovereign™ Series

Winter Was Made For These Grills The complete outdoor companion for exceptional grilling. The deep Therma-Cast™ aluminum oven and solid stainless steel cooking grids provide superior heat retention for outstanding results.
Starting at $699.95

Signet™ Series

Designed For Control Freaks Trusted by grilling enthusiasts around the world and will help you get great results, every time.
Starting at $399.95

Monarch™ Series

Built Better Is Better Perfect for the budget conscious, the Monarch series grills maintain exceptional quality, style an are made for performance, dependability at a great value.
Starting at $349.95

Grilling is a democracy! Available in a range of sizes, prices, and styles, Broil King has a grill for everyone. Whether you want a small affordable grill for an apartment or a high-end luxury grill that will impress guests, Broil King offers a high-quality grill to meet your needs and satisfy your desires. From basic grills like the Signet and Monarch to family-friendly lines like the Sovereign and Baron and premium lines like the Regal and Imperial, Broil King has a grill perfectly suited to your situation. For the charcoal purist, Broil King makes a line of high-quality charcoal grills and smokers.

Broil King Charcoal Grills Combine Traditional Taste and Innovative Design

To some, BBQ flavor is and will always be charcoal. For those purists who want the authentic flavor only charcoal can produce, Broil King offers the The Broil King Keg®, as well as charcoal smokers.

Keg® – Charcoal Kamado

Broil King’s innovative Keg is a steel Kamado grill that provides the performance and versatility of a ceramic grill in a durable steel package. Thanks to Its unique shape and insulated double-walled steel construction, the Keg offer efficient convection and heat retention that allows you do everything from searing steaks to fire-baking pizza and smoking authentic BBQ. If you're looking for a grill that attaches to a trailer hitch, the Broil King Keg 5000 is hitch compatible (hitch adapter kit sold separately), so you can take it on vacation, on the road, or wherever life takes you.
Starting at $699.95

Smoke® Vertical Charcoal Smoker

A cabinet smoker with 4 adjustable cooking racks and four cubic feet of cooking space, the Vertical Charcoal Smoker provides big BBQ flavor with a small space-saving footprint.
Starting at $399.95

Broil King vs. Weber®

As America’s best-known brand, Weber has established a reputation for making high-quality gas grills that are the standard by which other grills are measured. Proudly made in North America, Broil King makes exceptional gas grills of similar quality to Weber. When you buy a Broil King, you can expect outstanding construction, capability, and performance that will help bring kitchen-quality cooking to your backyard.