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What is a pellet grill?: 49 Pellet Grill Questions Answered

There’s no hotter product in BBQ than pellet grills. Thanks to better marketing, increased exposure and widespread availability in big box stores, more and more people have been introduced to these do-everything set-it-and forget-it cookers. Automated, versatile, and unlike any grill people have used, pellet grills are the perfect one-grill solution, allowing you to smoke authentic BBQ, slow-roast a turkey, grill a steak, or bake pizza all on the same cooker. Yet, for a product billed as the answer to your every backyard cooking need, pellet grills raise plenty of questions.

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Traeger vs Big Green Egg - Comparing Pellet Grills and Kamado Grills

Traeger® vs Big Green Egg®: Comparing Pellet Grills and Kamado Grills

Without a doubt, Traeger and Big Green Egg are two of the hottest names in grilling. Each has generated a ton of buzz while cultivating a rabid following that believes they’ve found BBQ nirvana. Unsurprisingly, such devout popularity has fueled plenty of comparisons. However, comparing these BBQ behemoths goes well beyond two grills. As the best-known pellet grill and kamado brands, the Traeger and Big Green Egg names are often used when referring to any pellet or kamado grill. So the real question isn’t why you’d buy a Traeger vs. a Big Green Egg, but why you’d get a pellet grill vs. a kamado grill.

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Primo vs Big Green Egg

Primo® vs Big Green Egg®

Chances are you’ve heard about the Big Green Egg. But unless you’re a serious griller, you may not know Primo Ceramic Grills. As the most popular kamado grill on the market, the Big Green Egg name has become a stand-in for all kamado grills. In fact, if you ask the average American about kamado grills, you’ll probably get plenty of blank stares. Inquire about the Big Green Egg and you’ll be treated to scores of anecdotes about obsessed coworkers and Egghead friends.

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Choosing the Best Kamado Grill

Kamado grills, also called ceramic grills or egg grills, have enjoyed a surge in popularity due to their incredible versatility and performance. With new brands entering the market each year, there are more options than ever, making it hard to determine which kamado is right for you. However, if you know what features to compare, choosing a kamado charcoal grill can be made a whole lot easier. To simplify your shopping process, we’ve outlined some of the things you should consider.

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choosing the best pellet grill

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Pellet Grill

Whether you call them pellet grills or pellet smokers (the terms are interchangeable), there's no denying the impact these do-everything cookers are having on BBQ. In the past year alone, interest in pellet grills has grown at an astounding rate, with the number of online searches nearly doubling. Although they've been around for over thirty years (read more about the history of pellet grills), its only recently that they've become the hottest product in BBQ.

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Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg

Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg

As the two most popular brands of kamado grills, Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg draw a lot of comparisons. The first and best-known ceramic grill on the market, Big Green Egg is almost single-handedly responsible for the booming popularity of kamado grills. However, Kamado Joe has gained a large following with its continued innovation and all-inclusive accessory packages that offer everything you need at one price.

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weber summit charcoal kamado grill

Weber® Summit® Charcoal: A New Take on the Kamado Grill

When you’re a brand as iconic as Weber, with a history that parallels America’s love affair with backyard barbecue, releasing a new grill is bound to stir interest. It’s not surprising, then, that when Weber began teasing its new #grillofalifetime, the buzz was deafening, with Weber devotees and the BBQ world at large speculating on what the mystery grill would be.
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Small and portable pellet grills

Small & Portable Pellet Grills

Pellet grills are known for their amazing cooking versatility, precision temperature control, and ease-of-use. When you combine those elements with a compact and portable design, you get a do-everything BBQ grill that allows you to enjoy smoked brisket, slow-roasted beef, wood-fired pizza, and even blueberry while pie camping, travelling in the RV, or tailgating. And because it's a pellet grill, you just set the electric controller and let grill do the rest while you enjoy time around the campfire or gear up for the game. Their modest size makes these grills perfect for apartment balconies and small decks and patios, .
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